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Prince Harry’s memoir release announced: ‘No one in the royal family will be spared’

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Lawyers for the royal family now fear the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs, the release date of which was announced on Thursday. On January 10, this book entitled in English “Spare”, or in French “celui de spare” will be in all bookstores in the United Kingdom. And according to several sources, “No one will be spared”, despite several reports relayed by the British media stating that Meghan and Harry had wanted to alleviate criticism of the royal family after attending the Queen’s funeral in early September.

Family members weren’t told the title choice until yesterday’s announcement, while the Spanish version is even edgier, and was given the subtitle ‘in the shadows’.

An initial release date had been set for “late 2022” to capitalize on the lucrative Christmas market, but the book will only hit shelves on January 10. This change of program was decided as a mark of respect after the death of the Queen, which occurred on September 8th.

Rumor has it that last minute changes have been requested by the Duke of Sussex. But the Daily Telegraph reports that these changes were not as significant as reported.

Many expect Prince Harry to touch on some pretty sensitive topics, such as revealing which member of the monarchy he thinks made a racist comment about his son Archie’s potential skin color, when Meghan was pregnant. It could also shed light on her strained relationship with her father and her difficult times with William.

The contents of Harry’s book are likely to be kept secret and palace officials have revealed that no members of the Royal Family will have the chance to view the book before it becomes public.

When the publishing deal was announced in July 2021, only the Queen had been given advance notice.

A spokesman for the King declined to comment last night. But indiscreet sources reveal that the royal household has already been warned that the 416-page book “will spare no one”.

The Daily Mail has been told the Duke of Sussex, who personally recorded the audiobook version, did not tell his family about the title in advance and it was deemed ‘controversial’ and ‘provocative’ in royal circles.

“This headline is loaded and it doesn’t bode well,” said a rather pessimistic source.

Another source said: “If Harry’s previous allegations across numerous TV interviews are true, it will be nuclear.” Whatever the content, which will undoubtedly be explosive, there will be little chance that this book will serve as a vehicle for reconciliation for Harry and Meghan.

Royal insiders have long told how, as an adult, taking “second place” behind William irritated Harry. And the latter obviously intends to reveal all his frustration experienced for decades…