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Prince Harry: Charles III could pay an XXL sum to buy his silence

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There are two things that make Buckingham Palace tremble. The Netflix documentary of the Sussexes and Harry’s memoirs. If the series already promises to be watered down due to the death of Elizabeth II, the biography of the prince should keep all its explosive promises.

The monarchy strikes back

The book, whose rights have been obtained by Penguin Random House, will shed completely new light on all the controversies that punctuate the news of the British royal family. And this is precisely what worries Charles III. “I think there was pressure behind the scenes on Harry to either cancel the book or at least redact it.” considers for her part Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown. The new king fears in particular the passages which will concern Camilla Parker Bowles. It is even rumored that Charles could deprive Meghan and Harry of access to his coronation on May 6 if the attacks are too frontal. But the former Prince of Wales could adopt a completely different strategy.

$20 million. Such is the staggering sum he would have to pay to buy his son’s silence. It corresponds to the amount of advances received by Harry to take up the pen. According to royalty expert Tim Bower, the memoir will be released around April 2023 with a whole new chapter dedicated to the Queen’s funeral. Unless Charles III definitely takes matters into his own hands.