You are currently viewing Prince Gabriel with his military haircut at the wedding of Princess Maria Laura

Prince Gabriel with his military haircut at the wedding of Princess Maria Laura

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On September 10, 2022, the Belgian royal family attended the wedding of Princess Maria Laura, niece of King Philippe. For the occasion, all the members of the royal family were on their thirty-one. It was also an opportunity to see Prince Gabriel for the first time with his regulatory military haircut.

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Prince Gabriel cut his hair when he arrived at the Royal Military School

A few days ago, Prince Gabriel of Belgium, 19, joined the Royal Military School. The first son of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde is living his first days of initiation into the army. This stage, known as the PIM (Military Initiation Phase), takes place in the military installations of the Elsenborn camp, before the opening of the first academic year, five weeks later.

Prince Gabriel of Belgium, 19, usually wears much longer hair (Photo: Albert Nieboer/DPA/Abacapress)

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Prince Gabriel is in the middle of a period of discovery and he was put in the mood as soon as he arrived, since he did not escape the traditional regulatory military haircut.

Prince Gabriel adopted the regulation military haircut (Photo: Albert Nieboer/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

Prince Gabriel had permission to attend his cousin’s wedding this Saturday, September 10, which made it possible to discover him with his hair brushed, much shorter than usual.

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, with Prince Emmanuel, Queen Mathilde, King Philippe, Prince Gabriel and Princess Éléonore at the wedding of Princess Maria Laura (Photo: Abacapress)

The Royal Military School (ERM) is the only Belgian university subsidized by the State and which imposes an internship on its cadets. The education provided in the school includes both a practical and theoretical military part, and a university part depending on the course chosen. Prince Gabriel chose the social sciences sector. In August 2020, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant and heiress to the Belgian throne, entered the ERM. She too had already chosen the social and military sciences (SSWM) course. Like his sister Elisabeth, Gabriel joined the Dutch-speaking pole.

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