You are currently viewing Prince Emmanuel-Philibert’s advice to his daughter Luisa on her 16th birthday

Prince Emmanuel-Philibert’s advice to his daughter Luisa on her 16th birthday

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This August 16, 2022, the second granddaughter of the pretender to the throne of Italy celebrates her 16th birthday. Princess Luisa of Savoy, more discreet than her older sister, also charts her course. His dad, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy, sent him a public message in the form of a little advice on this particular day.

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The second daughter of Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy turns 16

Princess Luisa of Savoy, great-granddaughter of King Humbert II, last King of Italy and Queen Marie-José, born Princess of Belgium, turns 16 on August 16, 2022. Princess Luisa is the second daughter Prince Emmanuel-Philibert, Prince of Venice, and the French actress Clotilde Courau. His big sister, Princess Vittoria, who has already celebrated her majority, is the current dynastic heiress of the Royal House of Savoy with their father.

This year, Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy, Prince of Naples, only son of the last King Humbert II celebrated his 85th birthday. Two and a half years ago, he had modified the rules of dynastic succession of the Royal House of Savoy, abolishing the Salic law in order to allow his two only granddaughters to carry on the traditions of the old royal family.

Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy, only son of the last king of Italy, poses in 2010 in front of a poster showing his only son, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert, with Clotilde Courau, Vittoria and Luisa of Savoy (Photo: Marco Piovanotto /ABACAPRESS.COM)

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The Prince of Venice is proud of his daughter and sends her a message on her 16th birthday

Princess Luisa, also titled Princess of Quiers (Chieri, in Italian) and Countess of Salemi, celebrates her 16th birthday on the beach. It is the privilege of being born during the summer holidays. Her dad has not forgotten her and publicly wished her a happy birthday with advice.

“Dare to live the life you dream of”wrote Prince Emmanuel-Philibert to his second daughter. “Go ahead and make your dreams come true!” “. Princess Luisa, less publicized than her sister, already a model, it-girl and followed by 70,000 subscribers on Instagram, was entitled to many congratulations under the photo published by her father where we see her with a big smile, wearing sunglasses. “Happy birthday my love, I am proud to be your father “concluded Prince Emmanuel-Philibert, known in Italy for his participation in many entertainment programs as a candidate or as a member of a jury. Laetitia Hallyday, Johnny’s widow, to Luisa de Savoie: “Happy birthday beauty”.

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