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Preview of Cyber ​​Heist, The Ascent’s first narrative DLC

The Ascent was released on July 29, 2021 on PC and Xbox. It has since hosted several DLCs, both free and paid. But Cyber ​​Heist presents itself as a notch above since it is the first to add a new campaign in particular, to be carried out following the basic one. What is it worth?

If you don’t know too much The AscentI invite you to read the test carried out last summer presenting this twin-stick shooter to the cyberpunk universe, with its qualities, its weaknesses and its faults.

Since then, there are still some optimization and correction patches, including the resolution of backup problems that there could be. They also took the time to add a photo mode, transmogrification or even the new game +. Eventually, they also added many cosmetic items.

If all this was free, they also offered two first DLCs, at the price of 5€ each and each adding two weapons, a tactical weapon and pieces of armor (plus some weapon skins). In short, nothing essential or that calls into question the previous test.

And it is in this context that this August 18 Cyber ​​Heist, the third DLC proposed this time 10€ but offering for this price a new story arc taking place in a new area of the game, with its main and secondary missions, five new weapons finally including melee weapons (as pointed out in the test, the enemies had them but the players did not).

The positive is that The Ascent shone above all by its history, its atmosphere and its artistic direction. And this DLC offers us more of that with, from what I could see, the same quality. The negative is that the gameplay does not evolve enough to renew his interest. We add melee weapons, but there you go…

No dialogue, rain and sound that cuts in the middle

Especially since, as we start this DLC after the basic campaign, we have our entire arsenal optimized, allowing us to run over enemies without having to vary our equipment. Their idea to hopefully make it more consistent was to put more enemies everywhere and higher levels. Except they’ve been a bit overkill, putting too many enemies in and being too aggressive. As soon as an enemy sees us, they start shooting at us (without much explanation of why) even in the middle of the crowd of onlookers. And we meet enemies every 10 meters. And as soon as he starts shooting at us, new enemies start coming from everywhere.

And as soon as we have finished a confrontation and resume our journey, we find ourselves face to face with another group. If we are too mobile or try to flee rather than face, we find ourselves in the middle of a second group. Etc.

Then, alongside this observation, we must also deal with bugs. There are some that aren’t too bothersome, like missing subtitles or the rain falling while you’re in an apartment. The most annoying, such as the soundtrack of a dialogue (voice and sound effects) missing (and when you have neither voice nor subtitle, the dialogue is much less interesting) or the whole area of ​​the DLC which has no card.

Map of the DLC area in a corner of the first base campaign map

But that’s nothing compared to blocking bugs. Thus, my experience of the DLC was cut short while, following the main quest, the stage at which I arrived refuses to be validated. So there are various aspects that I can’t judge properly, but I’ve seen enough to advise avoiding getting the DLC for now and waiting for a patch or two before looking into it again. If everyone will not necessarily be blocked at the same time as me, the DLC still has a lack of finish which means that we cannot recommend it at the moment (for information, the bug was encountered on the 16 /08, at a date that suggests that it is quite close to the state that the DLC will present at its release two days later).

End of my adventure

Preview made by Peredur from a version provided by the publisher.