You are currently viewing Pre-Order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition – Price, Pre-Order Benefits, Content

Pre-Order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition – Price, Pre-Order Benefits, Content

To be ready to play FIFA 23, you need to get the Ultimate Edition. Here is all the information about the pre-order, price, bonuses and content.

Vancouver, Canada – September is back to school month. With FIFA 23, EA offers its much-played football simulation for the last time, before the collaboration with Fifa ended and the series changed its name. FIFA 23 is expected to be the greatest simulation ever created by the Vancouver developer. Those who absolutely do not want to miss anything can already pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. We show you what benefits and content await you and at what price.

game name FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 29, 2022
Publisher Electronic Arts
Series Fifa
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports
Gender soccer simulation

Pre-Order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition – Content, Benefits, Price

What’s in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition: FIFA 23 will be released on September 29 and promises to be even bigger than the dozens of previous installments in the popular football simulation series. EA’s new game is already available for pre-order and offers additional content if you want to get your hands dirty.

As in the past, the benefits offered by the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 are purely digital in nature and help you progress in the game. In the image you can see the benefits of the Ultimate Edition.

Benefits of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition: With the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23, you not only get three days of early access, but also the right to play the Next-Gen and Current-Gen versions of the game. In addition, many items will allow you to progress faster and will give you advantages over those who start later. Pre-ordering through August 22 is a limited-time FIFA World Cup FUT Heroic Item, which players* will receive from November 11.

You can pre-order the different versions of the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 directly here:

The price : The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 is available from 89.99 euros on Steam and in the Epic Games Store. Console players* will have to pay a little more (99.99 euros), but will be able to benefit from a 10% reduction by subscribing to “EA Play”.

What other editions of FIFA 23 are available? Here we give you an overview of the different versions of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition: most likely no physical version

Will there be a physical version of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition? Often, AAA titles have a premium version of the premium version, where physical goodies are of particular interest to collectors*. For example, the Jötnar edition of God of War Ragnarök comes with Thor’s hammer and other content. In recent years, however, such editions have not been offered for FIFA 22 and FIFA 21, and no physical edition of the Ultimate Edition seems to be planned for FIFA 23. The 4,300 FIFA Points therefore remains the most valuable benefit. precious.

Promotional art for FIFA 23 and registration

So you don’t have to wait for a special version and can already pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23. If you can’t do without the FIFA World Cup FUT hero item, you should you have decided no later than August 22. But only pre-order the game if you’re really sure you want it.