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PowerWash Simulator: multiplayer is now patched

Newly integrated into Game Pass, PowerWash Simulator will have really amazed his world… Not that the game is exceptional in itself, but the fact of cleaning houses and vehicles from top to bottom is much more eye-catching than one might think! Moreover, it has been a hit since its release, taking as proof the number of members of the Squad who devote themselves to it. Big worries though, the multiplayer was marred by a nasty bug that crashed the game! Good news, FuturLab developers announce that a patch now fixes the problem:

The Hotfix to fix Xbox Multiplayer crashing issues is now live! Happy cleaning!

That said, it seems that since the update, a problem is impacting the remaining dirt gauge… So while waiting for a new patch, FuturLab indicates that you have to either:

  • press the button several times to show the remaining dirt (up to 15 seconds);
  • restart a mission in any mode and then return to your current mission;
  • resume a mission in any mode, and return to the one that crashed.

And remember, grime isn’t going to clean itself up! But before the dirty work, consult our test at this address. And if you are not yet a cleaning professional, PowerWash Simulator is available on Game Pass here.