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Poker in video games – PXLBBQ

Poker and video game world. At first glance, these two worlds do not seem to share much in common: on the one hand, an ancient game long played by middle-aged men in a particular atmosphere, and on the other the favorite pastime of younger generations where you can have fun alone behind a screen.

The Internet revolution will diametrically bring these two worlds together, in particular by allowing them to explode among hundreds of millions of people. Poker will thus gain a lot of fans thanks to the broadcasting of competitions, but especially with the advent of platforms for online games. Video games will use the web to develop online multiplayer titles that will make this hobby a must-have for the 21st century. Just look at the total weight of the market, which breaks records every year in terms of sales and turnover.

These two separate worlds will therefore come together in the early 2000s, poker borrowing the gaming aspect to democratize while video games will use the imagery of poker in some of the most popular adventures of the general public. It is on this second part that we will focus our attention in the following lines.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption II pushes the realism of conquering the West even further than its predecessor

The twilight atmosphere of Red Dead Redemption II during the conquest of the West gives a lot of personalities to the various parts that you will play throughout the adventure. And do not think here that poker will only be used as a simple artifice! It will allow you to glean information during informal discussions and move the main plot forward.

Gameplay level, the developers wanted to transcribe the experience of a real table. You will be able to apply all the fundamental strategies against your opponents whose level will vary greatly. Only small historical error, that of the format used. Indeed, in the guise of Arthur Morgan, it’s Texas Hold’em that you will try to excel when this variant certainly did not exist at the time of this adventure.

Red Dead Redemption II shines in any case by its immersion made possible thanks to the strength of the scenario and the charismatic characters, but also with these small details like the games of poker or fishing which make this fabulous odyssey. Despite a dated launch, the developers have not abandoned the fan community by offering them updates, particularly on the online mode of the game and on these related activities.


Another iconic title from Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto 5. Last installment of a franchise that popularized a whole genre called GTA-like, here you will enjoy all the virtues of the State of San Andreas. And if the missions or the scenario based on three colorful characters are particularly well thought out, it is always the secondary activities that are the most talked about.

In GTA 5you will be able to chain the games, especially in the online mode. But unlike Red Dead Redemption which focuses on Texas Hold’em, here you will practice a variant with three cards. A little confusing at first, but devilishly effective in spicing up those little sessions. Let’s hope that in the next long-awaited opus, whose release date has the press talking so much, that poker will be back.

Fallout New Vegas

We end with the game published by Bethesda Works and released in 2010. The title which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world takes us to the city of New Vegas, that is to say the remains of the former largest city of Nevada. The hero is immersed in various conflicts between armed groups, and he will have to show strength and intelligence to get out of it.

Despite this doomsday atmosphere, the survivors continue to have fun playing various card games, especially poker. It is thus possible to play a few games in dedicated places, but also during your various trips with similar or previous variants of poker such as Poch.