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PlayStation 5: the perfect video games for the summer

Horizon Forbidden West – Amazon

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Journey to Another Galaxy

Summer often rhymes with travel and discovery. What if this year you escape to a distant galaxy? You and the kids will love (re)discovering the Star Wars universe in Lego version. Play as a Jedi, Sith, Rebel or droid bounty hunter? In the PlayStation 5 game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga hundreds of characters are playable and they come from all over the galaxy. Embark on mythical vehicles like the Millennium Falcon, the Airspeeder T-47 or the X-wings of the Resistance.

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Elden Ring: Embark on the flagship destination of 2022

Elden Ring is one of the highest rated video games in history, it is simply unmissable. At the helm of the script, we find RR Martin (creator of Game of Thrones) and Hidetaka Miyazaki. After Dark Souls, the Japanese studio FromSoftware still offers a cult game as dark as it is difficult. A demanding epic to be savored on long summer evenings. Do you have time? That’s good, Elden Ring will keep you awake for many hours and may give you a few cold sweats. Only your will and your ability to analyze will allow you to progress.

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Horizon Forbidden West: go on an adventure in sumptuous landscapes

Travel through a completely futuristic American West made up of great arid steppes, verdant forests and sprawling mountains. In this gripping RPG, you will encounter unknown tribes and infernal machines with one thing in mind: to find out why the planet is dying. Horizon Forbidden West is a fantasy epic to be played alongside the heroine Aloy with your eyes wide open. From your sofa, you travel in the mountains of Yellowstone, you get lost in the Nevada desert before crossing the valleys of Utah.

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Just Dance: become the king or queen of the dancefloor

To wiggle your hips during the beautiful summer evenings, nothing better than Just Dance 2022. Reproduce the choreographies on the screen on the biggest hits. From Beyonce to Gala via Billie Ellish, you’ll shake like never before in this hilarious party game that promises wild evenings with family or friends. K-pop, rap, French song or RnB, there is something for everyone. If you like dance and music video games, don’t miss our selection!

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