You are currently viewing PlayStation 5: the extremely rare console is in stock before price increases!

PlayStation 5: the extremely rare console is in stock before price increases!

Want to buy a PlayStation 5 before Sony’s announced prices soar? Rush on the low stocks of PS5 available in Belgium! Given the general enthusiasm, there will not be enough for everyone. On good terms…

Top hearts, the PlayStation 5 is currently in stock at a few online retailers in Belgium! Well, after the rejoicing, we must not lose sight of the fact that the rare copies risk spinning like hot cakes. Interested? Go buy your console before it’s too late! The PS5 is the latest jewel out of the factories of the Japanese manufacturer Sony. She animates the crowds and hits the headlines with these crazy numbers. Faster, more responsive, a monster of power, the PlayStation 5 lights up stars in the eyes of gamers. The loading time is reduced and the SSD disk has been boosted. Result: the resumption of games is almost instantaneous. Speaking of games, the PS5 catalog is well expanded with already cult licenses like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Elden Ring. September 2022 is a month full of releases, as it sees the legendary FIFA23 (September 30) and the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 1 land.

Hours of games await you at the end of the new DualSense controller. Reworked in depth, it offers sensations of a finesse to die for and very realistic. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are a dopamine hit all on their own! For its new home console, Sony has bet on immersion and it’s succeeded! The sensations are heightened. Thanks to Ray tracing, the visuals are stunning and on some games (hello Horizon Forbidden West) the graphics are simply tearful.

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Where to buy PlayStation 5 in Belgium before the price increase?

Warning, cold shower. Sony will increase the selling price of its famous home console which is already not given. This is a great first, because never has a video game console seen its price increase two years after its release. In general, it is rather the opposite that happens. To boost sales, manufacturers are lowering prices. A month ago, we told you here that it was very unlikely that Sony would risk this little game. Too much to lose. We were wrong, inflation is hitting hard. In Europe, the PS5 Standard Edition will be marketed at €549.99 instead of €499.99. The PS5 Digital Edition will be sold for €449.99 compared to €399.99 previously. A nice increase of 10% and 12.5%

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