You are currently viewing PlayStation 5: Sony’s latest console is in stock!

PlayStation 5: Sony’s latest console is in stock!

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Why is the PlayStation 5 rare in Belgium?

The PlayStation 5 plays hide and seek with gamers. In question, a monster and totally unpredictable shortage. Fewer microconductors, struggling production lines following the Covid, difficult supply with the war in Ukraine and sales dampened by the drop in purchasing power. Times are tough for Sony. So much so that the Japanese firm decided to increase its prices at the end of August. The PS5 Standard Edition goes to €549.99 (formerly €499.99) and the PS5 Digital Edition is displayed at €449.99 instead of €399.99. And since everything is getting more and more expensive, this might not be the console’s last price hike. Might as well enjoy it now!

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Where to buy a PlayStation 5 in Belgium?

Prepare for long autumn evenings and chilly winter weekends by purchasing your next gen console today. Sony’s latest gem is a powerhouse. Reduced loading time, ultra-fast SSD disk, breathtaking computing speed, the PS5 accumulates records. The 4K details are going to leave your mouth wide open and with the 8-core processor along with the 16GB of RAM, you have plenty to see coming. To put the odds on your side, it is better to turn to the internet to buy a PlayStation 5. Also consider getting the new DualSense controllers. The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are striking. A must for fine gaming sensations!

Check the stocks of the PlayStation 5 in Belgium directly at these retailers:

→ PS5 stocks on Back Market

→ PS5 stocks on DreamLand

→ PS5 stocks on Coolblue

→ PS5 stocks on Amazon

→ PS5 stocks on Fnac

→ PS5 stocks on MediaMarkt

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