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Play everywhere and in the best conditions thanks to this smartphone gamepad

Killian Bonamy

More and more of us are playing video games on smartphones. However, few people know that controllers specially designed for mobile exist.

The design of smartphone controllers has been thought out so that in terms of ergonomics, they are less cumbersome than the classic versions. A strategic decision that can be explained by the fact that they had to be designed as technological objects that were easy to transport.

The grip was also at the center of the reflection, which justifies the purely practical aspect of their sleek design. We also note that the engineers behind this creation have done everything to promote practical use as much as possible.

In terms of compatibility, it is difficult to do better since they are with most smartphones. As for the variety of different types of games on which we are able to take advantage of it, it is more than appreciable.

Razer Kishi gaming controller: a gem for Android gamers

Whether you are a experienced gamer or just a casual gamer who would like to enjoy a very enjoyable smartphone gaming experience, the Razer Kishiis made for you. This smartphone game controller will cause new sensations on your favorite mobile games.

To connect it, nothing very complex, you can do it directly to your smartphone via the socket USB-C or Lightning. This universal gamepad also adapts to the vast majority of devices android. But the most impressive thing is the instant response time of the buttons, which proves that the latency remains ultra-low.

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Razer Kishi Gaming Controller for Android – €92.70 Fnac

Once you test its console-like controls, you can’t go back. With this controller at your side, your level in game will become stratospheric, in particular because your trips will be much more fluid than ordinary users.

Last but not least, the flexibility of this controller will totally prevent your mobile from coming loose when you play. It will remain motionless in all circumstancesespecially thanks to the stretching and squeezing capabilities of this extendable controller.

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