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Peugeot e-208: a new engine and more autonomy than the Zoé

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The electric 208 changes engine and battery. It now announces a power of 156 hp and a range of 400 km.

Before changing its look, during 2023, the e-208 changes its technical sheet. The electric version of the small Peugeot adopts a new engine, announced by the new e-308 and DS 3. It is a block supplied by Emotors, the joint venture set up by PSA (before the merger with Fiat) and the Japanese Nidec. The power increases from 100 to 115 kW, or from 136 to 156 hp. The maximum torque is 260 Nm.

The battery, operating at 400V, is also new. The gross capacity increases from 50 to 51 kWh. Net, it goes from 46.2 to 48.1 kWh. Autonomy will therefore increase again. It had been improved by 22 km in 2021, or 362 km, thanks to optimizations, such as 16-inch tires in class A +, or a reduction gear ratio. Thanks to the larger battery, Peugeot now promises around 400 km (homologation is pending). Or a little better than the 395 km of the Zoé.

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Peugeot also highlights low consumption, 12 kWh per 100 km (the e-208 Like is currently announced on the Peugeot site at 14.2). There is no change on the charging side. In alternating current, it is up to 7.4 kW as standard and 11 kW as an option. For fast DC charging, it’s up to 100 kW. It is thus possible to go from 20% to 80% charge in less than 25 minutes.

Peugeot announces that this new version “will arrive on the market during the year 2023”.