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Payday 3, the game officially announced on Twitter

It was on Twitter that the developers of Payday 2 announced that they were working on the creation of Payday 3, a new heist game!

Nine years after the release of Payday 2, development studio Starbreeze has officially announced working on a new Payday game. A cooperative game that allows you to carry out 4-player heistsin immersive and unique environments.

If various clues and rumors indicated that the studio was working on the development of a new game, The news was made official on social media! We summarize all the information known about the future third installment in the series.

The Payday 3 game is in development!

The reference of heist games will therefore return to the front of the stage with a new episode, it is on the official Payday 2 Twitter that the information has been confirmed.

If there are many rumors around the novelties of the game, the Starbreeze studio had already shared some tracks on the game during the live of the 10 years of the Payday series (source). The action of the third game would take place about ten years after the end of Payday 2 in New York in the 2020s. The approaches would also be modified with the creation of new monitoring systems to slow down the progress of players.

Niche market at the time of Payday 2, cryptocurrencies will normally appear in Payday 3 ! Will it be a way for our character to launder money, or a new hunting ground for our robbers? We will have to wait for the first trailers of the game, or even the official release to find out.

Planned for 2023the game is already of interest to many players who want to rediscover the unique experience of game robberies. Developed under Unreal Engine, there is no doubt that the immersion will be total for future groups of robbers!

Published on 03/09/2022 at 20:13

By IronFire