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Passe-Partout is in a relationship with… the mother of Passe-Muraille’s wife

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Passe-Partout is a couple! The one who is called André Bouchet in real life announced the news in the program ‘Chez Jordan’, on Télé-Loisirs. Apart from the Fort-Boyard show, the man is an RATP agent. For twelve years, he has shared Patricia’s life. Jordan De Luxe, the host, then asked him how his wife was doing. “Patricia is doing very well, everything is going well”he soberly explained.

The journalist then asked him how the two lovebirds had met. And the answer was rather amused. “Passe-Muraille wanted to meet me”he begins. “He came to the association of small people to meet Passe-Partout and immediately the contact was made well with Anthony (Passe-Muraille’s real first name, editor’s note).” The production of the show, which Passe-Partout joined in 1990, was then looking for “another short person” to form an inseparable duo. “It went like this”assures André Bouchet.

The duo was born. But their friendship didn’t stop there. While eating together one day, Passe-Partout falls in love. “He, he was in his apartment and I tell him Anthony, I’m going to come see you at your place. I drive by and I see a pretty blonde on the balcony, I call her, and I tell her: it’s who this pretty blonde, he answers me: it is the mother of my wife. Then, he asks me if I want to go up for a drink, I went up and it was done like that.

A beautiful love story could therefore begin. “He goes out with the girl. And I’m with the girl’s mom”humorously dropped Passe-Partout at Jordan de Luxe.