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Overbooked flight at Ryanair: “People who had no seats stayed up” (video)

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The passengers of the flight to Comiso in Italy had an unpleasant surprise when they arrived on the plane.

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Lhe recovery in air traffic has been a bit hectic this year. Between strikes and last-minute cancellations, passengers have not always had a smooth start on vacation. This Monday, travelers who flew to Comiso, in Sicily, had a new bad experience. While no delays were announced, passengers quickly realized there was a problem. Indeed, several travelers could not sit down because there were not enough seats on the plane. And for good reason, 106 people were on board a plane that could only carry 98. reported by Sudinfo.

Take-off being unthinkable, the company finally warned the travelers that they were going to change planes. “We were just warned that the plane originally scheduled for our flight had just arrived and that we were therefore going to disembark and board again on another plane”, continues the passenger. “We all went down to the tarmac, we stayed outside, it was hot, we didn’t have a glass of water, and it lasted a long time. The delay was absolutely incredible. They transferred our suitcases, then we were able to get on the plane, and we took off more than two hours late”. Shocked, the aggrieved traveler regrets the company’s lack of reaction. “There was no word of apology from the crew, who acted as if nothing had happened throughout the flight. »

Ryanair did not comment.