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Orbix recycles by guaranteeing zero waste: “The sustainable circular economy is our credo”

The landscape of Walloon industry is undergoing profound transformation. More durable, greener, with high added value, it will provide jobs for many years to come. In this context, companies like Orbix demonstrate high-quality know-how, as explained by Baptise Cowez, CTO of Orbix: “Our core business is to offer solutions to steel mills. We have a very sustainable approach to the use of primary raw materials. In addition, we value proximity as much as possible by working on local markets. »

This reflection is at the heart of the company every day: “The circular economy conditions our activity. It is in the DNA of our businesses: we recycle while guaranteeing zero waste. We must therefore identify the sectors that allow this approach to be carried out. Circularity between the different actors is essential. »

Extend the life of raw materials

A specialist in materials for the construction, infrastructure and steel industry, Orbix finds creative and innovative solutions to extend the life of raw materials as much as possible and to ensure that waste streams are used and reused intelligently. “We do this by transforming co-products from the steel industry and by using natural materials in a sustainable way. Our ambition is clear: to achieve zero waste in all our activities and limit our needs for primary natural resources as much as possible. We recover different streams of waste/co-products and valorize them in the form of new materials that can be reused for various applications as a substitute for natural materials.

In our facilities in Farciennes, our process is so optimized that we can recover elements smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen from the residue. »

Concrete examples abound. The recovered metal is reused by steel producers to produce new steel. The mineral fraction that still remains is channeled to other destinations: Fillinox®, as a filler for the concrete industry, asphalt, synthetic materials and for the printing of 3D walls. Stinox®, as aggregate and sand for road engineering, or Carbinox®, as sand which can perfectly be carbonated, and finally Carbogran®, as aggregate for road engineering and the construction industry.

The waterway

The mobility and transport of materials is also an important issue for the company: “We are based in Genk, Farciennes and Chatelet. We always value the waterway: 90% of our transport is done by waterway. Our door-to-door service by road, combined with river transport, guarantees optimal transport, but above all safe and ecological. We have 4 docks in Belgium. All kinds of waste can be brought in or picked up by boat and delivered to these strategically placed docks.

Research is essential to the development and survival of the company: For example, Orbix also demetallizes refractory stones and classifies them by type of material so that they can be recycled as much as possible. “Currently, we are working on a sophisticated vision system that will fully separate materials automatically to easily give them a new destination.” Mineral residues from refractory stones can be used to make new stones, as fertilizer or as an alternative to dolomite.

All these elements will be discovered during the Business Discovery Days, which “allow you to know what we do and how we do it. concludes Baptise Cowez

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