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Oppo watch Free, test and opinion: the Oppo touch in a connected watch… which is not really

While Oppo is gradually breaking into the smartphone sector, the Chinese manufacturer is also betting on the very lucrative wearables market to expand its catalog. Like any good brand of its kind, Oppo markets headphones, watches and activity trackers. If the objective is to offer a complete “ecosystem”, this above all allows it to offer bundles when a new phone model is released.

Does this mean that the products are not of good quality? Absolutely not. The brand manages to offer well-made devices, in line with their selling price. The Oppo Watch Free, announced last August, is no exception to the rule. This connected watch, sold for 99 euros, is a perfect balance between quality and price.

Fashion accessory

What makes the difference and the major asset of this Oppo Watch Free is its design. Refined, elegant, neat… Adjectives abound to define this watch. On this point, the manufacturer has really worked to move away from an overly sporty style that we know too well from smartwatches. This allowed us to wear it in all circumstances. At least for the Vanilla version that we tested. The beige of the leather strap combined with the gold of the case can be easily married with all kinds of outfits. Admittedly, the Oppo Watch Free is beautiful.

Especially since in order to match your outfit, it offers a service (Outfit Watch Face 2.0) which allows you to analyze your clothing style in order to offer a watch face that matches your outfit. Discreet but rather nice as a proposal. We feel it, the aesthetic part has been carefully thought out by the manufacturer.

If the design is very close to a watch, the functionalities are closer to the connected bracelet. Indeed, in daily use, the Oppo Watch Free reminded us why it was sold below 100 euros. Note that this is not necessarily a criticism. Simply, we end up with a simplified version of what a real smartwatch could offer.

Limited uses

The watch finally goes to the essentials: activity tracking, health tracking, sleep analysis, message notifications, incoming call notifications, call rejection, music control… Here, all the applications are integrated base, so you will not have the leisure to add (no Spotify, for example).

It’s all happening on a 1.64-inch AMOLED HD display that’s perfectly suited for watch use. Especially since Oppo has taken care to offer an OS specially dedicated to this watch which makes browsing easier.

Autonomy point of view, with health monitoring permanently activated, the Oppo Watch Free will have lasted less than the figures announced by the brand (14 days, according to Oppo). Charging, generally the manufacturer’s strong point, did not wow us (it remains very good, however), especially since the proprietary charger is not the most practical.

To be complete, we will also highlight some difficulties at times to display the screen (whether by raising the wrist or double tapping on the screen) as well as a regret: the fact of not being able to modify the distance traveled after a race indoors. This is possible with a smartwatch from a competing manufacturer which allows, in this way, to stick to the reality of the distance announced by a treadmill for example (we will have noted during our test large differences between the distance displayed by the carpet and that of the watch). Too bad for a Smartwach because it will distort your data.


Finally, what about this Oppo Watch Free? The term smartwatch ultimately does her more harm than good because she is clearly not one. Reducing it to the simple role of an activity tracker would also be an insult. The reality is perhaps halfway between these two products as the elegance is added to the tracking features. If we realize this, then it is clear that the Oppo Watch Free is a good product sold at the right price. Concessions, there are some but that does not prevent having a powerful device.

Price and availability

The OPPO Watch Free is available at the recommended price of 99 euros on the OPPO webshop and through other sales channels