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Operated immediately: Actor Ryan Reynolds discovers live that he has a tumor

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After helping a sick little girl, Ryan Reynolds gave himself quite the scare, doing another good deed. Wanting to encourage people – especially men over the age of 45 – to get a colonoscopy, Canadian actor and co-chairman of his Wrexham football club, Rob McElhenney, both 45, decided to associate with a colon cancer awareness organization.

The two men were therefore filmed in a video posted on YouTube. They were thus entitled to a visual examination carried out using a small tube of small caliber, long and flexible, equipped at its end with a camera introduced into the anus. “Normally, I would never have had a medical procedure filmed and shared,” Ryan said. But it’s not every day that you can raise awareness about something that will most certainly save lives. It’s motivation enough for me to tell you that they put a camera in my ass.

However, during the intervention, the husband of Blake Lively had the unpleasant surprise to learn that he had a polyp hidden on the right side of his colon. Even if it is benign, this tumor can eventually degenerate into cancer. It was therefore immediately withdrawn. “I’m not joking, I’m not over-dramatizing,” the doctor told him. That’s exactly why you’re doing this. You had no symptoms.” As for his sidekick, Rob, he found he had three “not very big” polyps, but it was “a good thing they were found early and removed.” “Colon cancer can be prevented,” the video caption reads. No doubt the message got through.