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Only four days after the launch of Star Academy, a student is already annoying

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It had been months, even years, that viewers had been waiting for it. This Saturday, Star Academy made its big comeback on the small screen after more than ten years of absence.

Once the excitement of the first prime fallout, the masks fall on the show and the personalities of certain students begin to reveal themselves.

At the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys, it is one student in particular who has stood out a lot in recent days. If she had amazed viewers with her cover of Beyoncé’s Listen on Saturday, it is rather because of her fiery temper that Léa is now talking about her on social networks.

The behavior of the 24-year-old woman from Paris is annoying, to say the least. During the first dance class, Léa was caught yawning in the middle of training, which earned her a sermon from choreographer Yanis Marshall. “It’s very rude. Wake up ! It’s the first day. If you’re already yawning, girl…“, hammered the artist.

The budding singer, who had complained of not having been highlighted by the production during her first appearance on stage on Saturday, also drew the wrath of one of the coaches, Marlène Schaff. While Tiana was having difficulty in English on one of the songs, Léa openly made fun of the student with Carla, giving way to a great laugh. Marlène Schaff immediately invited the two mockers to leave the room.

During sports class, it was Léa’s “precious” attitude that had the gift of annoying the other students. “Even when she plays sports, she thinks she’s the diva, that it’s Beyoncé“, lambasted Tiana.

The glaring shortcomings of his musical culture have also been pinned on the networks. “Who is it?” indeed asked Léa when it was announced that Julien Clerc would participate in the next prime.