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OnePlus unveils its new smartphone, the 10T – Geeko

Finally, no price reduction for the standard bearer of the brand, but a significant move upmarket.

OnePlus unveiled its new smartphone, the OnePlus 10T, on Wednesday at an event in New York. The smartphone manufacturer had already introduced a new model at the start of the year with its OnePlus 10 Pro, which was intended to be the high-end version of its flagship. The 10T takes up the design, but also most of the specificities.

Let’s not be afraid to say it, at the price at which it is offered (699€), the OnePlus 10T is a hell of a good deal. It retains the specificities of a very high-end smartphone while making only a few concessions. Clearly, it is very close to the 10 Pro in terms of technical specifications, perhaps even a little too much since very few elements distinguish the two models. It even allows itself the luxury of being delivered with an even more powerful charger – 150W against 80W only for the 10 Pro.

The smartphone is available in two colors.

In terms of performance, the 10T has nothing to envy the 10 Pro. It features a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and up to 16 GB of RAM. A great evolution compared to the previous model and above all performance comparable to that of smartphones sold for €1,000.

The innovation this year, however, comes from the cooling system, the most sophisticated on the market according to OnePlus, which keeps the smartphone at the right temperature even with intensive use.

The other innovation is the ultra-fast charging system inherited from Oppo smartphones. The device is equipped with a 150W charger that can charge your smartphone from 0 to 100% in 19 minutes.

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