One in four employees now has a company car

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Despite teleworking, the share of employees with a company car is still increasing, reaching 25% according to Securex. A decline is observed in Brussels.

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On knows the attraction of Belgians (both employers and employees) for the company car. But one could have supposed, following the massive extension of telework, that the granting of this precious advantage would suffer a slight halt. This is not the case according to the Securex group, which says it relies on data from 9,648 companies and 39,378 private sector employees.

“The share of workers on permanent contracts with a company car increased by 7% between the start of 2019 and mid-2022, rising from 23.4% to 25% of the total”, notes the company. A strong trend, therefore, to which Brussels is however an exception. In the capital, on the contrary, it is a decline that is recorded, the share of beneficiaries falling from 25% to 22.4% – these data being based on the location of the company granting the benefit and not on the domicile. of the person who benefits from it.

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