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On the sets of “Harry Potter”, Cameron Diaz played an important role without knowing it

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Actress Cameron played a very big role in the Harry Potter films. Without her, the Quidditch tournaments in “Harry Potter” probably wouldn’t have had the same flavor on screen. What is his role ? To have been, without probably knowing it, a very great moral support to Daniel Radcliffe! At least that’s what actor Tom explained. Feltonanother Harry Potter star, in an autobiography titled Beyond tea Wand : Tea Magic and Mayhem of growing Up has wizard. He who lends his features to Draco Bad faith throughout the saga said that the sorcerer’s apprentices needed landmarks to know where to look during the scenes where they rode a flying broomstick.

An uncomfortable broom! Indeed, in an extract published on Insiderthe young man writes that “The broomstick was a metal pole fitted with a very uncomfortable bicycle saddle. They had a more elaborate rocking device to move you up and down, left and right. Air from the fans blew across your face to make it look like you had the wind in your hair.

If we understand why the actors could be in difficulty on the broom, the attitude had to however, be faultless. And in order to direct the eyes of the actors towards the objects which would be added later in post-production, the teams used tennis balls hung on poles. And that’s precisely when Cameron Diaz comes into the picture. Or rather his image.

Daniel Radcliffe under the spell of Cameron Diaz?

Sometimes there were several tennis balls in the air, and since they looked very similar, after a while they gave us other objects to look at“, details Tom Felton.We chose photos of something or someone close to our hearts. Daniel Radcliffe had a particularly good photo of Cameron Diaz.

It’s not a secret ! The actor who plays Harry Potter has long since confessed his teenage crush on the actress.