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“Numbers and Letters”: ousted from the show, Bertrand Renard reveals his salary

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The Mr figures and the Mrs letters of the game, who will definitely say goodbye to the public on the weekend of September 10 and 11, revealed, through a press release, that they had both worked on fixed-term contracts for years for the ’emission.

France Télévisions “demanded a drop in our salary of around 60% and refused to grant us the CDI that we had the audacity to claim”, were indignant the two referees in a press release released on Monday.

In an interview with our colleagues from Ouest-France this Thursday, Bertrand Renard emptied his bag. “In the organization chart of France TV, we cannot be found, although we are on the air every day. We were all the more surprised by France 3’s decision to switch the game to the weekend as we had never had such good audiences as in recent years.”

The 67-year-old host, who will be replaced by Stéphane Crosnier, a former candidate for the show, also mentioned his salary. “We are more around €40,000 net than €50,000 per year, as has been said. And we are not paid for the summer reruns of the show”, he laments.

“The proposal of a €60 increase per day of shooting (raising it from €240 to €300) was really the last one that was made to us before we were thanked. We are in quibbles with accountants who are a The subject was above all, for us, to ask for recognition for having contributed to the image of France Télévisions within a program which is part of the television heritage, “he adds.