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Nothing OS: the new update refines the quality of your photos

Nothing started the deployment of Nothing OS 1.1.3 on August 17. This new update includes several improvements which should in particular make it possible to refine the quality of the photos taken with the Nothing Phone (1).

Nothing refines the photo experience of its Phone (1) with its latest update // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

Small in size – only 64.33 MB – but big in what it brings to the Phone (1). Nothing OS update 1.1.3 is being deployed to slightly improve the performance of Nothing’s first smartphone, fix some of its bugs, but also and above all refine the photo experience it provides. At least that’s what the brand promises in its release notes, with a rather exhaustive menu of various improvements and tweaks.

What we remember first is that this new update should significantly improve the photo experience on the Nothing Phone (1). The clarity of the shots taken with the front sensor has notably been tweaked, but we also learn that processing times have been improved for photos and videos taken in night mode and with HDR settings.

Improvements in every way with Nothing OS 1.1.3

Nothing also announces a better color balance for photos captured with the ultra wide-angle module, as well as a reduction in noise on the main sensor, coupled with an increase in sharpness when using the zoom. And icing on the cake, Nothing OS is now able to warn you if your sensors are dirty so that you can clean them.

Beyond the photo, Nothing OS also improves the interface dedicated to the verification of fingerprints on third-party applications and now offers support for the function Adaptive Battery from Google, to improve performance and battery life by learning from user usage.

In terms of bug fixes, this new update brings with it something to solve the problems of stuttering observed on Twitter and again on the Google Play Store. We finally discover that the problem of connection sharing has been solved, in the same way as the bug which caused the lock screen to crash when you clicked on a notification.

Note that Nothing’s software monitoring is so far impeccable, with regular updates and many improvements and fixes. Let’s hope that the manufacturer will continue on this path, because for the moment it is a great asset to be credited to the Nothing Phone (1).

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