You are currently viewing “Not being able to say goodbye and thank you”, Benjamin Castaldi fired a few hours before the broadcast of his show!

“Not being able to say goodbye and thank you”, Benjamin Castaldi fired a few hours before the broadcast of his show!

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Benjamin Castaldi is not the type to show jargon. When the columnist of TPMP has something to say, he makes it known without fear of the fallout. Proof of this is with his recent revelations about his debts. Although the subject was put on the table, against his will, by Cyril Hanouna, on August 31 in the daily.

“How come you are in great shape”asked the host before specifying: “Me if I needed 500,000 euros, it wouldn’t work […] I won’t sleep anymore”. Something to strongly shock his comrades present on set: “Do you have 500,000 euros in debt?”. Did they ask him before Julien and Simon’s father added a layer of it and confided: “I have many more”. Despite this money he owes, Benjamin Castaldi is a happy man and keeps shouting it.

A time to forget

He swims happily with his wife Aurore and has a good time when he works alongside Cyril Hanouna. However, the columnist of TPMP admitted to having experienced a very complicated moment a few years ago when he learned very bad news. Guest in the Morning without filter this Friday, September 2, he made some revelations about it. A period that dates back to 2006, when he decided to leave M6 whereas The New Star, which he hosted, was a huge success.

A choice that does not seem to have pleased the chain…Me, I learned the day before to present the New Star, that I did not do ithe revealed before explaining: “As I had announced that I was leaving on TF1, M6 was a little upset, and therefore prevented me from finishing the season”. An eviction that Benjamin Castaldi experienced very badly as he admitted a little later during his interview: It’s very hard not being able to say goodbye to people watching you. Can’t say goodbye and thank you, it’s true that it’s a little hard”. But even several years later, Julien and Simon’s dad feels that nothing has changed and that the world of television is a very tough environment”still today.

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