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No, there were not 50,000 private jet flights departing from Belgian airports in 2022

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In this context of improvement for the private jet sector, some Internet users are puzzled: what about the reason for these private flights, some of which may include medical flights, ministerial flights, parachuting etc.“?

On this last point,private flights counted do not include those intended for parachute jumps“, says Pascal Devos, the minister’s spokesperson.

Also, do not include the “small planes with propellers“In private jets, in particular because they are those which operate for learning flights, also known as school flights, specifies Philippe Touwaide, air mediator for the federal government.

Indeed, all the flights made by private planes are not only so-called “leisure” or “air taxi” trips, but also sports, emergency, learning or professional trips. However, determining the distribution between professional, sporting or emergency travel and leisure travel remains a difficult task, even “impossible” in the words of Philippe Touwaide. And for good reason: This census should be done flight by flight and according to each registration“, he adds.

If the total number of registrations is known for Belgium, many aircraft registered abroad also take off or land in Belgium. Since 2016, the FPS Mobility has registered 56 private jets”business” (such as the Learjet, a type of business aircraft) or similar registered in the Belgian national register according to the data provided by Thomas De Spiegelaere. Additionally, according to T&E dataon average, a private jet owner has a fortune equivalent to 1.3 billion euros.

Thomas De Spiegelaere finally emphasizes being unable to give “the share of jets that took off from Belgium and belong to Belgian owners“, their identity as well as their nationality not being, in fact, not communicated publicly.