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Nintendo Switch: censoring games displaying bare breasts?

After Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo is also going on a crusade against video games that don’t censor topless. This is in any case what affirms a developer who suffered a refusal of publication on the part of Big N, because his video game displayed uncovered breasts. Will the decision apply to all future titles? What about older Nintendo Switch games affected?

Hot Tentacles Shooter Censored For Chest Story

It was on Twitter that the Gamuzumi studio had published the news. He then claimed that Nintendo had denied access to its next game, Hot Tentacles Shooter, on the portable console. The reason given by the Japanese firm, the display of uncovered female breasts in the very content of the video game. “Obscene content could harm the brand and violate its policies” assures the developer.

The latter regrets Nintendo’s decision, adding that now all adult content is excluded from all popular video game consoles of the moment. Indeed, the two other major players in the market, namely Xbox and PlayStation, had banned topless from all video game content available on their consoles for quite some time. It would therefore seem that Nintendo has finally chosen to follow the same path after being the last to authorize this type of content.

An isolated or generalized decision?

For the moment, Nintendo has not wanted to comment publicly on this information disclosed by the Gamuzumi studio. We are therefore entitled to ask the question. Is this an isolated case or a new policy that will apply generally to all developers who collaborate with the Mario firm? The second option seems the most plausible. Indeed, Nintendo has never hidden its strategy of making its console, in this case the Nintendo Switch and certainly its replacement, a family platform.

It is therefore very likely that from now on, it will no longer allow developers to display naked breasts of female characters in Switch games. However, a few months ago, Nintendo would have requested that Bayonetta be less dressed in the third opus which will be released this October. The question of video games with “obscene” content that is already available on the hybrid console also arises. Will they be left as they are, rectified or simply banned? We don’t have any answers at this time.

Other options available to gamers

If the decision becomes widespread, it will mark the end of uncensored adult content on video game consoles. Those who wish to continue playing games with bare chests without censorship will have to look for other solutions. This is the case with Steam, which remains one of the favorite platforms for PC game fans.

Incidentally, Gamuzumi has already confirmed the launch of Hot Tentacles Shooter, the title banned by Nintendo, on Valve’s game-on-demand platform. It will be accompanied by another title containing nudity namely Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle. Notice to amateurs!!!