You are currently viewing NEWS ALERT: YouTube is permanently shutting down this channel beloved by anime fans

NEWS ALERT: YouTube is permanently shutting down this channel beloved by anime fans

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Thunderbolt on YouTube! A Comedy Channel Popular With Anime Fans Will Shut Down Forever At The End Of The Week After Five Years to have parodied Japanese anime by dubbing diverted montages and dubbed by professional dubbing actors.

The countdown is on

This chain, you know her it’s Re: Take ! The concept is simple, Victor and Maxime are professional dubbing actors. Five years ago, they embark on the YouTube adventure by producing parodies of Japanese anime. For this, they recover images in diverted montages and affix their voices to make us benefit from their jokes.

The duo has already tackled SNK Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, … They also collaborated with JDG for video game ads.

Of course, over the years, the creators of the channel have already had problems with their parodies of FMBA and SNK. But since last June, they noticed that two videos, Demon Slayer and erased, have been deleted in quick succession. Without worrying about anything, Maxime and Victor have therefore taken steps with YouTube to challenge this decision of the platform..

YouTube remains silent and the right to parody violated

Accompanied by a lawyer, they explain thatthey are totally within their rights to offer what is available on their channel. This is the right to parody. The intellectual property code does not prohibituse images that you do not own the rights to create a new humorous work. Provided of course that one can easily distinguish the two works.

But here it is, a few days ago, it’s the coup de grace: a new video from the Re:Take channel dedicated to Fullmetal Alchemist is striked ! And YouTube rules are strict: 3 strickes and the channel disappears. The actors are therefore up against the wall: without response from the American giant following the steps taken to assert their right to parody, the channel risks disappearing on Friday September 23. If this were the case, it would therefore be a disaster, as the duo said in a press release posted on Twitter.

Alright, Re:Take will disappear.

This Friday, the channel will be deactivated by YouTube.

So the videos, the totality of the accumulated views and the community built over time will go up in smoke.

TO UNROLL. @YTCreateurs, @TeamYouTube, @Youtube

September 19, 2022

In order not to come to this, the actors and owners of the channel hope to challenge YouTube teams and for this, they invite all fans to talk about it around them, to share their press releases in order toget the platform’s attention and fix this problem ASAP.