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New Weapons in Genshin Impact Patch 3.1

Patch 3.1 on Genshin Impact will contain many new features including new weapons and artifacts. Find their information in this article.

Genshin Impact will move from Wednesday, September 28 to its version 3.1. With this quite massive update, many new things will be added like the release of three new characters that will be present in the bannersa new bossbut also and above all new weapons.

These weapons and artifacts coming to the game were also revealed during live announcement for update 3.1 airing this Friday, September 16.

What are the new weapons in patch 3.1 on Genshin Impact?

Update 3.1, like the previous ones, will have new weapons that will be added to the game. At the moment, not much information is available on this one, but we were treated to visuals during the live broadcast on Twitch. So here are the weapons and how to get them.

Last name Kind Substat Obt.
Key of Khaj-Nisut One handed sword % HP Wishes
Scarlet Sands Staff polearm CRIT rate Wishes
Moonlight of Xiphos One handed sword Elemental Mastery Wishes
Makhaira Aquamarine Two-handed sword Elemental Mastery Wishes
wandering evening star Catalyst
Elemental Mastery

The new weapons of patch 3.1 on Genshin Impact (credits: miHoYo)

Until we can get our hands on these new weapons and these new artifacts, we remind you that the 3.1 update will be released on Wednesday, September 28 after a maintenance scheduled for midnight the same day and which should last a maximum of five hours.

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Published on 09/16/2022 at 17:44

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