You are currently viewing New stocks of PS5 expected in Belgium this Friday September 15, find out where to order yours

New stocks of PS5 expected in Belgium this Friday September 15, find out where to order yours

Find out where to order a PlayStation 5 in Belgium – Canva

Why is the PlayStation 5 still out of stock?

Known and recognized in the video game sector, the PlayStation 5 is the Sony console that has been the most talked about. This is due in particular to its outstanding performance which offers a unique gaming experience. With the PS5, experience your game as if you were there. Since its release in November 2020, gamers have been snapping up the few PS5 stocks available. But what explains such a lack? It is quite simply the global pandemic that has impacted the manufacture of Sony consoles. Indeed, the basic components of the PS5 are missing. It is therefore impossible to meet demand, which is clearly higher than supply. So whether it’s the Standard Edition or the Digital Edition, it’s almost a miracle to get your hands on.

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Where to buy your PS5 in Belgium before the price increase announced by Sony?

In addition to stock shortages that are multiplying at resellers, we expect an increase in the price of PS5. Indeed, Sony has announced that the two versions of its PlayStation 5 will experience an increase very soon. Why ? Quite simply because of the inflation which also affects the video game sector. Now expect to find PS5 Standard Edition around 549 euros instead of 499 euros, and PS5 Digital Edition at 449 euros instead of 399 euros. With an increase ranging from 10% to 12.5%, the PlayStation 5 may be even more difficult to buy. Don’t wait any longer and order your PlayStation quickly before the price spikes!

Check the stocks of the PlayStation 5 in Belgium directly at these retailers:

→ PS5 stocks on Back Market

→ PS5 stocks on DreamLand

→ PS5 stocks on Coolblue

→ PS5 stocks on Amazon

→ PS5 stocks on Fnac

→ PS5 stocks on MediaMarkt

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