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New Google Glasses are coming: Testing in public places planned for this summer – Newsmonkey

Tech giant Google will conduct public trials of new augmented reality (AR) glasses starting in August. The prototypes would have a number of notable features.

The new AR glasses that the company will test would be equipped with microphones, cameras and a transparent screen. These technological gadgets will be used to control translation, transcription and navigation functions. The translation software could even translate what another person is saying in real time, which Google once called “subtitles for the world.”

But what is even more striking is that some of these prototypes would not be distinguishable from ordinary glasses. To nip potential privacy issues in the bud, an indicator light illuminates when the glasses are recording visual data. According to Google, this data will not be stored. The camera will only be used for practical purposes, such as identifying objects or indicating directions.

People testing the glasses will also not be allowed to use them in schools, public buildings, hospitals, churches and other sensitive places. “It’s still early days and we want to get it right, so we’re taking it slowly, paying particular attention to ensuring the privacy of testers and those around them,” Chief Product Officer Juston Payne said in a statement. blog post.

Privacy transformed Glass

The company learned the importance of privacy through Project Google Glass, Google’s first attempt to bring AR glasses to market. These glasses were tested between 2012 and 2014, but were quickly withdrawn from the market.

After all, Google Glass has been heavily downgraded. According to critics, these devices could be used to take photos and videos of people without their consent. People who wore these glasses even received a pejorative nickname: “glassholes”.

A number of technical issues are also said to have plagued the glasses, including poor battery life.

Billions invested

The company, along with other tech giants such as Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, are currently pouring billions into the development of AR technology. They hope to bring about a paradigm shift in technology, just as the smartphone has taken over the world in recent decades.

Although Google seems to be one of the leaders in the race at the moment, a lot can still change. Apple, for example, plans to announce its own glasses next year, sources say. Meta is expected to present several new headsets in detail soon. As for Microsoft, the American company already has AR headsets on the market, namely the HoloLens.