New Chromecast with Google TV: more updated and with AV1 support, but less RAM and less power

GoogleGoogle’s particular interest in the world of smart TVs has long been known, where it currently offers its Chromecast devices and its Google TV software platform on the market. We recently saw Google introduce a smart device that includes the power of Chromecast with Google TV. This means that with Chromecast with Google TV, you can make any TV compatible with your smart device. Let’s get back to talking about it because there’s a new device on the horizon. Indeed, in recent weeks we have learned of the existence of a new Chromecast with Google TV, cheaper than the first generation. Thanks to the rumors that have emerged on the net so far, we know its design and also the possible launch price . In the last hours new details have been leaked about the device, which clarify the technical specifications with which the new Chromecast with Google TV will be presented on the market. Specifically, we will see how it will differ from the first generation launched a few years ago. Thanks to the work done by the developer Kuba Wojciechowski, who has probed the Google TV software code which also includes the reference to this new model, we learn that Google refers to this new device with the code Chromecast HD.

We immediately understand that therefore there will be no support for 4K resolution , as is the case with the first model to hit the market. In addition, the RAM is 1.5 GB, unlike the 2 GB available on the first model. The integrated processor will be an Amlogic S805X2, which will guarantee support for the AV1 video codec. The maximum supported resolution will be 1080p, while the operating system will be updated to Google TV 12, a good step up from the first generation which is still on Android TV 10. Other improvements come in terms software support. This new cheap Chromecast will support updates via type A/B partitions, which will make the same updates easier and therefore more frequent. In short, it seems that Google is ready to launch a new Chromecast with Google TV after learning from the market with the first model. In fact, it seems that BigG has gone to optimize the critical problems encountered with the first model to offer an even more attractive device thanks to the more competitive price . We remind you that this new device should come to the market soon, also in Europe , at a price of around € 39.99 . We expect the official presentation to take place alongside that of the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Watch, scheduled for the Google event scheduled for October 6.