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New Apple Arcade coming in September – Belgium iPhone

Like every month, Apple Arcade unveils its new features for the coming month. For this month of September, Gris, Horizon Chase 2 and three other titles land on Apple Arcade.

This month of September will be a busy month for the streaming video game service. We expect no less than 5 releases during the month of September 2022. Discover all the new games below:

Hanx101 Trivia

Hanx 101 Trivia, developed by independent game studio BlueLine Studios, allows players to test their knowledge across a variety of categories and game modes to become the ultimate master. This is a game developed by Tom Hanks, the famous actor. The game is available on Apple Arcade since September 2, 2022.

Hanx101 Trivia Game Screenshot

Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2 is the new installment of the popular racing franchise. This game features intense and fast-paced immersive gameplay. You will be able to step back into the golden age of the arcade racing game, but with a modern and improved experience. Easy to pick up, but hard to master, this game will require sharp racing skills and quick reflexes to defeat your opponents.

Great novelty in this new component is the appearance of a multiplayer mode. The game is available from this Friday, September 9, 2022.

Horizon Chase 2 Game Screenshot

Garden Tails

This game offers you a peaceful experience in your future garden. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to enter an enchanted world in which you can build your own garden. Here you’ll complete match-3 puzzles to unlock friendly flowers, bushes and animals. This game uses the codes of the famous game Candy Crush.

Screenshot of the game Garden Tails

This game will be available for download on September 16, 2022.

Shovel Knight Dig

This game is a “digging” game with the famous character in armor. This game invites you to discover new allies and new enemies, visit strange lands and collect equipment to complete your quest before the whole region collapses underground! Jump, punch, and blast your way deep into a mysterious, ever-changing chasm.

Shovel Knight Dig Game Screenshot

The game will be available from September 23, 2022.


And finally to end this already busy month. This game is a combination of platforming and puzzle solving as side-scrolling exploration. The heroine learns new abilities as she adventures, and you’re often introduced to a new ability by a very basic puzzle. You then have to use it with other skills to solve some of the more difficult later levels.

Screenshot of the game Grey+

The expected release of the game is scheduled for September 30, 2022.

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