Nethys case: Win about to be (re)sold at a much better price

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The NRB company and its majority shareholder Ethias have made a binding offer to buy Win from the Liège group Nethys. Proposed price: minimum 50 million euros. Three years ago, François Fornieri and Stéphane Moreau had grabbed hold of this entity for 8 million.

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Head of Investigations

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NOTnew item to slip into the “secret sales” file of the Nethys affair. The evening learned that the Liège-based company was about to (re)sell its subsidiary Win, which provides connectivity services to businesses. After sounding out the market, Nethys received a binding offer from NRB (in which the insurer Ethias is the main shareholder) at a price… six times higher than the price offered by the businessman François Fornieri, he three years ago. The contours of the current Win, however, have evolved somewhat in the meantime.

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