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Netflix’s new low-cost formula that may not please

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From 2023, advertising will be on Netflix. As already communicated in the past, the streaming platform will offer a new subscription, cheaper, but which will be accompanied by advertisements.

But according to the agency Bloombergthere will also be a second size difference.

Customers who opt for this formula will not be able to download films and series. In the current formula, users can download content to watch offline (train, plane, etc.) afterwards. An option that will not be available with the new formula. In any case, this was discovered by a developer, Steve Moser, based on messages transmitted by the Netflix application on the iPhone. For the moment, the company has not reacted to this information revealed by Bloomberg.

If this new subscription formula will be less expensive, it will aim above all to be a loss leader. It will try to convince users to opt for the full subscription: between a reduced catalog, advertisements that it will not be possible to pass and the absence of the download option, it will be much less attractive despite its lower price. .

It will also aim to attract new customers to Netflix, which is facing increased competition, particularly from Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime. At Hulu and HBO Max, formulas with advertisements are already available. At Disney+, a similar formula is also in the cards.