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Netflix will offer a subscription plan for less than €9 – Geeko

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The new tariff plan should be charged between 7 and 9€.

Streaming giant Netflix will introduce a new “ad-sponsored” subscription plan in 2023, which will be billed between €7 and €9 per month, according to Bloomberg. Currently, the cheapest subscription plan is billed at €8.99/month, but it does not allow you to benefit from a 4K and HDR display on a television. Most consumers therefore opt for the Standard formula, billed at €13.49 per month. The Premium plan is billed at €17.99 per month.

The new formula should give access to the majority of content in 4K and HDR. However, some features may not be accessible, such as offline mode.

According to Bloomberg, only 4 minutes of ad content would air per hour. The advertising content broadcast would also be continually renewed so as not to run in a loop. They would appear before a program and during the broadcast. However, all programs would not be affected since series and content for children would be spared.

From a legal point of view, Netflix would also be forced to renegotiate its contracts with content providers for which it does not have full rights. This means that some films and series that are not produced by Netflix may not be part of the offer.

If the offer may not seem advantageous given the minimal price difference with the cheapest formula (€8.99/month), this new subscription formula will not target quite the same audience since the content would be 4K compatible. and HDR. The €8.99/month formula is primarily aimed at subscribers who watch content only on their smartphones.

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