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Netflix will charge 3€ more for account sharing – Geeko

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In several Latin American countries, the streaming giant now charges the equivalent of €3 more for sharing an account with a user living outside the household.

Since last March, Netflix has been testing a new billing method in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, adding an additional €3 to all subscribers sharing their account outside the household.

This Tuesday, Netflix announced that it was extending the methodology to a handful of additional markets. Dominican Republic, Honduras, Argentina, El Salvador and Guatemala are now also concerned.

If the first tests had led to an exodus of subscribers, it seems that Netflix is ​​determined to compensate for the bad habits of its customers.

As a reminder, Netflix’s terms of service have always stated that subscribers were not allowed to share accounts outside of their household. Theoretically, a subscriber cannot therefore share his account with friends – only with his wife, son, daughter or even potentially roommates.

To define whether or not there is additional billing, Netflix seems to be based on the geolocation of the devices.

The giant has also indicated that it is considering various alternative billing methods, before applying additional fees to all of its subscribers.

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