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Need a laptop and a printer? Cdiscount has the perfect discount for you

Back-to-school good deals Cdiscount lets you buy an HP laptop and mouse, combined with a multifunction printer from the same brand, to only 449.99 euros.

Discover the offer now

The start of the school year is approaching and with it comes the need to equip yourself with quality equipment to work well throughout the coming year. Cdiscount offers, as such, a computer pack at a very attractive price: it consists of an HP 15S-EQ2074F laptop, an HP 200 wireless mouse and an HP DeskJet 2710e multifunction inkjet printer. . Everything only costs 449.99 euros instead of 649 euros.

An HP laptop designed for office automation

The HP 15S-EQ2074F is a 15-inch laptop that displays Full HD definition. It is intended for office use, but you can also use it to entertain yourself on the Internet, watch videos or listen to music. Its configuration is as follows:

  • AMD Ryzen 5-5500U processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 512 GB of storage space on SSD
  • AMD Radeon Graphics graphics card

This laptop is delivered under Windows 11, and its autonomy goes up to 9:30. You can use it with the HP 200 wireless mouse that comes in the pack.

A powerful multifunction printer

For its part, the HP DeskJet 2710e is a multifunction printer that works with ink cartridges. It can print in black and white and in color. In addition, it is equipped with a scanner that allows you to digitize all your documents, but also to make photocopies. It connects to your local Wi-Fi network: you can print from all computers, but also smartphones and tablets in your home.

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