Nearby Sharing Upgrade Coming: File Sharing Will Be Even Faster

GoogleGoogle recently presented a list of upcoming news on Android smartphones and tablets: among the most interesting news, we certainly mention an update to Nearby Sharing , which will allow users to exchange files between their devices in a much faster. Nearby Sharing is a Google service that lets you share any file or photo between Android devices or Chromebooks. The operation is very similar to Apple’s AirDrop: once you have chosen the file to share, simply choose Nearby Sharing from the sharing methods and then select the device to send the file to. With an upcoming update to this feature, it will become much easier to share files with your devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks signed in with the same Google account. After selecting the URL, document, photo, video or Wi-Fi password to share, devices logged into the same Google account will immediately appear on the left, and will be separated from “external devices” by a separator: by selecting one of your devices, the transfer will be done immediately, without the need to accept anything.

Everything will work even when the screen of the device receiving the file is off: after sharing the file, a notification will be displayed simply confirming the reception of the file. Google is also implementing a new quick toggle from which to manage device visibility on Nearby Share. Finally, the company added that Nearby Sharing will use Ultrawide Band and NFC technologies, along with Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and WebRTC, when available, to improve and speed up file sharing. . We don’t yet know when this Nearby Sharing update will actually be released by Google.