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Nathalie Baye on Johnny Hallyday: “He looked like the living dead”

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Very discreet on the subject since the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday in December 2017, carried away by lung cancer, Nathalie Baye confided in the pages of Sunday newspaper about the one with whom she shared her life between 1982 and 1986. The portrait she draws of the rocker is a thousand leagues from the one the singer sent back. Especially when it comes to the end of his life.

The actress evokes in particular a meeting which took place in Los Angeles, some time before the death of Johnny. She was then accompanied by Laura Smet, the daughter she had with him. “In the last few years, he was extremely unhappy in his life. He was all alone, all day, in his office, with the television on.” “I had never seen him go so badly, she adds. He looked like the living dead. I was sad that Laura saw her father in this state.” Nothing to do with the tall man in cowboy boots, tanned skin and hair, who had had an effect on her when they first met.

Mid-July last, Nathalie Baye had published a photo of her dating from the 80s. We see her in the company of Johnny and their daughter Laura Smet who is not 5 years old. Their smiles beam. This confirms the words she had confided to Gala one year ago : “I have wonderful memories of our life. It was a happy parenthesis.”