You are currently viewing “My mom and my other mom”: a lesbian couple for the first time in the cartoon Peppa Pig

“My mom and my other mom”: a lesbian couple for the first time in the cartoon Peppa Pig

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Youtube capture ©Peppa Pig – Official Channel

The British cartoon Peppa Pig, which features a sow which is very popular among children around the world, introduced a couple of lesbian mothers in an episode for the first time, a move hailed by the LGBT+ community.

In episode 41 of the seventh season of the worldwide hit cartoon, which aired on Britain’s Channel 5 on Tuesday, Penny, a polar bear character, draws her family and introduces her classmates to “my mom and my other mom”. “Lovely”then replies her teacher while we see later in the episode the two mothers picking up their daughter at school.

The initiative, which gives visibility to LGBT+ people in a children’s program where they are still rarely represented, has been hailed on social networks: “THIS IS how we should teach inclusiveness to young children”, wrote one user on Twitter. “We don’t need to talk to them about sex. Just from all types of families. They’ll figure out the rest in time.”

If LGBT + characters have already been represented in programs intended for children, this is the first time in 18 years of existence that the directors of Peppa Pig have decided to stage them.
Two years ago, a petition that has since garnered nearly 24,000 signatures called for the creation of a family with same-gender parents in the program.

“It makes sense to many parents and children”

“It’s fantastic”reacted to the BBC Robbie de Santos, of the association for the defense of the rights of LGBT + people Stonewall. “Many of those watching the episode will have two moms or two dads and it makes sense to many parents and children to have their experiences represented in such a cult children’s program.”he told the BBC.

Created in 2004, the British cartoon has enjoyed global success and is now available in over 180 territories around the world.
Another British program for children exported internationally, Thomas and his friends, will also stage from September 21 on Channel 5 an autistic character, dubbed by a nine-year-old child himself autistic.