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“My forces are diminishing”: the state of health of Pierre Ménès is worrying

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The 59-year-old former sports journalist under investigation for sexual assault is not doing well. Very tired and weakened, it was on his YouTube channel “Pierrot le foot” that he shared his health concerns. A state so worrying that he could not cover all the football news of the latter, while it is his livelihood and the poster of the Champions League match was beautiful.

“Both my knees are ruined. For the right, I knew it for a long time. Thanks to 20 years of tennis tournaments on hard courts… The pains were unbearable for weeks. I took the resolution to do an infiltration. Unfortunately, the left knee, suddenly, was affected. It inflamed, so yesterday I also made an infiltration of the left knee”, he explained. The result ? He can no longer move and is forced to stay in bed: “There, I absolutely cannot leave my house, I have no autonomy. I walk with crutches. After the transplant almost six years ago, after a serious COVID, after a very strong infection for three weeks last April and May, I feel that the more things go, the more my strength diminishes.

In addition to his health concerns, Pierre Ménès also had to deal with legal problems.However, I try to face all the summons I have in terms of justice, in relation to my stories, hoping that all of this is over and that I at least have the possibility of having my first prosthesis made. of the knee in three months in better psychological conditions. I kiss you all. You have no idea how lucky you are to be healthy. Enjoy football. I confess that for the moment, I have a little trouble. For those who love me, I carry on.”