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“My darling niece”: would a student be related to an emblematic former teacher of the “Star Academy”?

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After the rumors of candidates boosted by the singing teacher, here is the rumor of the student boosted by the former stage expression teacher! According to netizens, Carl would be none other than… the niece of Raphaëlle Ricci, whose mother would share the same last name as the young girl.

A rumor to which Raphi hastened to respond with humor. ” After receiving far too many messages since yesterday and being tagged here and there, I have to finally tell you the truth! Big breath… “, she wrote. ” Well, my real mother is actually called Cruella (that of the 101 Dalmatians). Yes… from her, I inherited her taste for dogs in order to make beautiful coats, her “underarm” hairstyle and above all, above all, her great wickedness! »

She adds : ” My father ? It’s none other than Darth Vader… the dark side of the force, his smugness and his smoking voice were genetically passed on to me “, before getting to the point: ” So indeed, Carla is indeed my niece!… my darling niece whom I don’t know, and since I no longer have TF1, I don’t even know what she looks like. »

An obviously very secondary message, before continuing: “ To those who invent and affirm, who peddle and invective and who sometimes even end up insulting… you should try real life! Get out of your screens! The weather is nice and particularly mild for the end of October. And if you want to be crazy, talk to real people, you’ll see, it’s a crazy feeling. »

“Stop looking for the little beast”

And to conclude with a little more serious explanation, and a wise advice: “ I’m still going to be nice (mash enjoy it, it happens to me once a decade!) by telling you that Dona is the diminutive of Donadel, my mother’s real name. Tip of the day: stop looking for the little beast. This Carla certainly has artistic things to give and she must be, right now, working hard to share them with you. Take them or don’t take them, but don’t go looking elsewhere for what doesn’t exist, that ‘debilitates’ you and discredits the program. »

Have a nice day everyone!