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MultiVersus Announces Arcade and Ranked Modes

MultiVersus is still in open beta but that does not prevent it from having its tournament during EVO 2022. We expected to see at least some gameplay footage of Morty which was scheduled for Tuesday but the postponement of its release and of season 1 necessarily modified the communication of Player First Games who therefore fell back on a little teasing on his next fashions.

MultiVersus tempers while waiting for the update

The Game Director Tony Huynh quickly took the stage to present what he called a small roadmap on what we could expect from season 1 of MultiVersus. And we will therefore start with the most surprising since it is the Arcade mode. Surprising in the sense that it had not been announced. Huynh clarified that the mode would be playable in co-op without saying if it could be done solo.

The other mode present on the image is the ranked mode which is obviously if you have already tried the game since the mode is already present in the menus but we cannot click on it yet. And such a mode seemed obvious for a title of this kind. We also suspect this mode of not allowing the same character to be taken twice in a team, since it was one of the rules of the tournament.

More characters than expected in the coming months?

No release window for Rick and Morty but at least we have confirmation that other characters will arrive during this first season. It’s unclear how long a classic season lasts but it’s a good sign for the rate at which fighters come out. And inevitably, we were promised new cosmetics including a Robin skin for LeBron James.

Everything that has just been mentioned will happen during season 1 which has no start date but we are promised to announce it “very soon”. In the meantime, the pre-season will be extended by a week to finally end on August 15, but that does not automatically mean that season 1 will start on August 16, there can be a moment of hollow between the two without missions. daily.

MultiVersus is currently in open beta on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. We have a section dedicated to the game to offer you, for example, our 10 tips for getting started, how to farm gold coins or guides for each of the characters.