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More than half a million employees will see their salaries increase on January 1

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Most private sector employees are expected to see their salaries rise by 11.59% next January, due to rampant inflation, according to an estimate by SD Worx, a human resources company and social secretariat. For the final percentage, it will however be necessary to wait for the figures of the index for the months of November and December, underlines Friday Geert Vermeir, expert of the service provider.

More than 500,000 employees, covered by the joint committee 200, are concerned. Their salaries are indexed each year on January 1st. This year, the indexation had already been 3.58%.

Other employees will also benefit from annual indexation in January. These include more than 143,000 workers in the hotel industry (joint committee 302), nearly 100,000 in the food industry (CP 118 and 200), more than 96,000 in the transport sector (140) and some 55,000 in logistics (226). They too will see their salaries increase in the same proportions at the beginning of the year, even if the calculations are slightly different.

Gradual increase in other areas

In some sectors, however, indexation is more gradual. For example, the wages of workers in the construction sector (joint committee 124) are adjusted quarterly, while those of nursing staff (330) and employees in the chemical sector (207) – like those of civil servants – are indexed to the based on an index-pivot mechanism.

Historical cost of living increase

Inflation rose to 12.27% in Belgium in October, the statistical office Stabel announced on Friday. This is the highest level since June 1975. The pivot index has also once again been exceeded, which has resulted in an increase in social benefits and salaries in the civil service. It is already the fifth time in less than a year, after December, February, April and July. Another overshoot could still occur this year.