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More information on the fight between Andrade and Sammy Guevara

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Last night we learned from Tony Khan on Twitter that the match between Andrade El Idolo and #10 for AEW Rampage on October 7 was canceled without any further explanation regarding the reason. Shortly after, we learn from TMZ and Fightful that a new fight behind the scenes would have taken place this time with Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara.

Fighful tells us that the versions and details of this fight may vary depending on the people interviewed, but the majority of witnesses indicate that Andrade is the one who attacked the former TNT champion and that Sammy Guevara would have done everything not to reply.

The many people interviewed by Fightul indicate that Andrade arrived and waited for Sammy Guevara before throwing several punches at him and then they were separated. The two men had assured management that they were not going to fight after being warned beforehand. Several talents interviewed even said that they thought this story was settled following this development. The Wrestling Observer also heard pretty much the same details and they also heard that Andrade was told he wouldn’t get fired even if he fought. Fighful specifies that it has not been able to confirm these statements for the moment.

Some other testimonies, which are quite a minority, claim that Guevara responded with blows, which was first reported by TMZ yesterday and more in line with the version given by Andrade.

Fightful ends by saying that several more details have since come to light and the one who had his match canceled was Andrade and Sammy Guevara was left on the air.

photo credit: AEW