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More and more company cars in Belgium

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The share of workers on permanent contracts with a company car increased by 7% between the start of 2019 and mid-2022, from 23.4% to 25%, according to the results of a survey by the resource specialist human resources Securex published on Wednesday.

Flanders (+10.7%) and Wallonia (+10.9%) saw the highest increases, reaching a level of 27.3% and 20.4% respectively. Brussels, on the other hand, saw a decline of 10.5%, for a share of 22.4%. Of all these cars, 2.5% are electric.

From 2026, only company cars of type “zero emissions” will still be 100% tax deductible for companies, recalls Securex, who wanted to examine the evolution of the car fleet of companies

Workers with a fixed-term contract were not included in the study because they represent only 0.4% of the total fleet of company cars in Belgium, specifies the HR specialist.

More and more electric cars

At the beginning of 2019, the share of workers with a company car in Flanders (24.6%) and Brussels (25%) was still the same. However, since the third quarter of 2019, this share has been higher in the north of the country than in the capital, we note. This difference has continued to increase since then, reaching 27.3% in Flanders compared to 22.4% in Brussels in the middle of this year.

A phenomenon which is partly due to the increased use of alternative means of transport and shared mobility in Brussels, according to Securex, according to which there are also deterrent factors, such as congested arteries and traffic patterns.