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Mölnlycke lays off 41 workers at its Waremme site

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Its Warem site, a strategic center, includes a production plant, a customer service center, a logistics department that manages the European distribution centers and a “supply chain” service. Mölnlycke Waremme employs 300 people. Customer service or GCC (Global customer care) serves healthcare professionals around the world by providing them with equipment.

A strategic reflection

And today Thursday, after an extraordinary works council, Mölnlycke announced to its staff its intention to relocate its customer service activity. It therefore closes its Global Customer Care department in Waremme. A decision that should lead to the dismissal of 41 employees. “It’s a matter of strategic thinking”explains Pascal François, spokesperson.

Waremme customer service supported customers from Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. So many customers from different countries who were managed from the waremmien customer service. “It was a big pole, with all the difficulties that can cause.”

The Renault procedure initiated

The closure of Global customer care in Waremme is therefore not decided for economic reasons but “in a strategic logic of development of the group on a global level. We are getting closer to the markets for more proximity, more understanding. Customers will have a point of contact in their country. We want to bring agents closer to their market.” In addition, these agents will now have commercial skills that they did not have within the waremmian service. There will therefore always be a customer service in Waremme but with a smaller clientele to cover and with a commercial dimension. An export unit will also remain based in Waremme. The reorganization also implies that an additional Central Operations Team be created in Hesbaye.

In order to be able to dismiss these 41 people, the Mölnlycke group will trigger the Renault procedure from March 2023. This will allow collective support for the dismissed staff members. These 41 employees “will have the opportunity to position themselves for new job offers within the group”, but they will also be accompanied to find a job elsewhere. With a chance of finding a job easily? “These are high school and university graduates. They speak between two and six or seven languages. On the Liège market, they have highly sought-after profiles in sectors that are present, such as medical, pharma, biotech, freight, logisticsassures the spokesperson. They are such specialized yet versatile profiles that it won’t hold them back.” The age of these people? “We have as many young temporary workers as people who have 20 years of seniority.”

No closure of the site planned

Pascal François recognizes this: the announcement made by the general manager of the group, who is in Waremme today for the announcement to the staff, had the effect of a “mass blow “. But he also wants to be reassuring: no other service of Mölnlycke Waremme will be impacted by a future decision. “It is only this customer service that is impacted. There is no other plan. There is a real desire to reassure workers, there is no other phase. There is no planned factory closure. The Warem pole was and remains strategic. It covers Europe in terms of production and distribution.” The proof ? The Mölnlycke group has just invested in the purchase of a machine from Taiwan for the manufacture of 450,000 surgical kits per year. And this machine was installed in Waremme. “This is proof that the group believes in the future of Waremme”says Pascal François.