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Miz accepts Logan Paul’s SummerSlam challenge

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It had been a few weeks since Logan Paul challenged The Miz for a match at SummerSlam, but The Miz didn’t seem too keen on the idea, explaining that Paul would eventually make the right decision and team up with him to become Tag Team Champions.

We were treated to the first face to face between the Miz and Logan Paul on RAW this July 18th. Miz wanted to revive his proposal to form a team, but Logan Paul confirmed that he was coming back for one reason only: to face him. He even announced an ”ImpulsiveTV” to show that he can be better than the Miz in-ring but also in a talk show. Miz turned down the idea of ​​a match, explaining that Logan Paul wouldn’t be ready since he’s still a rookie.

Logan Paul then released the final argument saying that the Miz has “little balls”, which frustrated the latter who finally agreed to the match. It’s now official, the Miz and Logan Paul will face off at SummerSlam on July 30, 2022 in a singles match. You can check out all the details about the event at

Altercation between the Miz and Logan Paul after the challenge:

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